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If You Want To Do Iris Photography,
There Are Only Two Possibilities

You can either get franchised, or do it by yourself.

If you don't like to obey rules, pay horrific fees and have a standardised business in which you can't fully express your creativity, then maybe the second option is better for you.

With Iris Photography Masterclass, you will follow an easy step by step process to start your own Iris Photography shop.

You can become the first Iris Photographer of your city and capitalize on this new opportunity.

How does Iris Photography Work?

Even though it takes a very complex system to capture the human iris, the process for clients is very straightforward and only takes a few minutes.
iris eye photography classes


We capture our client’s eyes in very high definition in a few seconds.

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We remove light reflections and edit the picture into a true artwork.

iris eye photography classes


We offer direct printing in the shop or ship premium products straight to our customers.

Our Mission

iris photography masterclass

“With this Masterclass, I aim to make Iris Photography Available to everyone who loves the concept”    Andy Costes

“My journey with Iris Photography began in May 2021. I am not a professional photographer, so when I discovered the concept, I thought that the only way was to work with a franchise. Because, after all they are the ones who know and have the equipment right?

Well I was wrong. It is really not necessary to work with a franchise to do Iris Photography.

Initially, I attempted to collaborate with the largest iris photography franchise. The process was slow, the answers were vague, the team displayed unprofessionalism, and, most importantly, proved to be unethical as they lied to me. We never actually started working together because they granted exclusivity for the entire French territory to someone else. I felt deceived and taken for a fool.

Driven by passion, or by ego, perhaps a bit from the two, I decided to do iris Photography by myself.

I spent a few months doing deep research about Iris Photography, tested multiple equipments, lighting systems, and editing techniques. I traveled Europe and met independent Iris Photographers.

I finally opened Iris Photographie in December 2021, and it found immediate success.
Franchises want to keep the monopoly on this lucrative business, because it is a gold mine. I decided to create an online training about iris photography, to share everything I have learned on my journey.
My mission is to make Iris Photography available to everyone.

Our client's smiles say a lot about the quality of our work!

Learn From Someone Who Ran an Iris Photography Business

Andy Costes is the founder of Iris Photographie,
an independent Iris Photography shop in Bayonne, Bask Country, that has served more than 2,000 customers and pictured 8,500+ iris.

In September 2023, the store closed due to a building evacuation prompted by concerns of structural instability that could lead to its collapse.

If you want to enrol in Iris Photography Masterclass or contact Andy, just send an email to

iris photography masterclass